Art Direction • Branding • Layout • Typography

Iota is an independent magazine that celebrates the art and science of the unseen. Through compelling photography and curated storytelling, iota aims to inspire the creative exploration of the small worlds within our own. Iota caters to the curious, and is bold, quirky, and layered.

PROJECT / The design of a print magazine, from concept to production.
TIMELINE / 10 weeks

CONCEPTING + CRAFTING A BRAND / Akin to the rise of handmade craft culture (and much like the revival of vinyl), collectible print magazines are making waves. Aimed at niche readership, with the goal of conveying a different view of the world, iota magazine explores the small worlds within our own. The moodboard presents a tone that is quirky, layered, curious, and bold.

READER RESEARCH / Iota readers are a curious bunch. They're of the millennial generation and include (self-proclaimed) nerds of all sorts. They are young, trendy, inquisitive and enjoy listening to podcasts such as RadioLab, Invisibilia, Stuff You Should Know, and the Nerdist.

CURATING CONTENT / The images and articles featured in iota magazine were carefully curated for the audience. Pulling from both scientific and artistic sources, I sought out macrophotography, often with a shallow depth of field, to convey a sense of wonder, curiosity, and discovery. Even in some of the most scientific discussions, the writing style presents a tone that is casual, hip, and engaging, just like our readers.

STYLED PHOTOSHOOT / For one of the feature articles, Seven Seeds to Start Your Day, I worked with a photographer and art directed a styled shoot. You can read more about that, and view some behind-the-scene process shots, on my blog here.

LOGO DESIGN / In line with the interests of our storytellers and readers, the iota logomark reflects an appreciation of those little details. The tittle in the title is adapted to bring the viewer closer to consider its form.

GRID LAYOUT / The magazine as a whole uses an adapted, double-column manuscript grid. With wide margin space to allow the eyes to rest, and narrow text blocks to help focus the eye, the asymmetry of the design creates strong visual interest for the reader. 

ISSUE 01 / The inaugural issue of iota explore three themes; seeds, the human body and food & drink. Each section has a distinguishable color that is represented in both the Table of Contents and the pagination elements throughout the magazine.

BRAND EXTENSIONS / In building this project, I was delighted to discover that so many others find awe and inspiration in the little details. Iota magazine holds the potential for unique opportunities in extending the brand beyond its print platform. Channels for brand expansion may include an interactive digital magazine, web magazine, podcast, art gallery or museum exhibits, instagram campaign, and photo competitions utilizing user-generated content. #iota