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An album reimagined, the design of Poliça's Give You the Ghost draws inspiration from the ethereal and meditative sounds of Poliça's inaugural album. It features a larger-than-life spore print that appears to pulsate and dissolve into the music.


PROJECT / A redesign of Poliça's Give You the Ghost album.
TIMELINE / 4 weeks

THE BAND / Poliça is an indie synthpop band that started as an offshoot of Minneapolis, Minnesota's Gayngs collective. Founded in 2011, the band and album were conceived and formed within 8 months.

THE MESSAGE / Poliça's music is subtle, and emotional, with a touch of distortion.

THE ALBUM / Born out of the demise of the lead vocalist's marriage and band with her former husband, Poliça's inaugural album, Give You The Ghost, reflects the difficulty of facing up to your mistakes and making peace with them. It conveys deep emotions of breaking and discovery. It is austere and abstract, yet warm and organic.

The recurring theme of the record is “what in the hell just happened and who in the hell am I anyways”

MOODBOARD / The desired mood for the design was ethereal, mechanical, organic, broken, and distorted.

SPORE PRINTS / For visuals, I was interested in how I could utilize natural materials to get at the raw, emotional, and organic elements of Poliça's sound and message. I produced a series of spore prints and experimented with different colored papers, different mushrooms, and varying levels of cover over the mushroom caps. Because the slightest bit of air movement will disturb the spores, the exposed caps developed a really lovely and delicate wind-blown effect. This seemed to be the perfect expression for the experience of listening to Poliça's music.