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Snow Falling on Cedars is a play set in the Pacific Northwest during times of Japanese internment. Through the use of metaphor and a color palette fitting of a Puget Sound winter, the poster conveys the play's themes of death, heartbreak, and racial tensions.

PROJECT / A promotional play poster that appeals to an young, urban adult audience.
TIMELINE / 3 weeks

“That the world was silent and cold and bare and that in this lay its terrible beauty”

INSPIRATION &  METAPHOR / The composition of the poster draws inspiration from the Japanese flag, with a bold red focal point directly at its center. The paper crane serves as metaphor for many of the play's themes; it represents the drowning death of the fisherman, the mourning of unreturned love, and the racial oppression experienced by the Japanese American community during and following World World II.

TYPEFACES / The typefaces used include Copperplate Gothic and Arkhip. They were selected for their sharp spurs and flourishes, which compliment the angles and folds of the paper crane.

MOODBOARD / When developing the moodboard, I was really drawn to simple color palettes and subtle gradients, as well as textures of the sea and of foggy landscapes. The moodboard also includes simple, yet striking compositions, often with a central focal point that evokes a strong sense of isolation.

FIGURE GROUND / Through the various iterations, I spent some time working on the figure ground between the trees and water. I wanted to push the edges of the trees such that the water surface blended into them and additional trees were formed within their negative space. The ripples also aid in this illusion; as they fade into the distance they transition from water ripples to lines of fog among the trees.

“Accident ruled every corner of the universe except the chambers of the human heart”