jnw creative is the digital portfolio and playground of Jenn Whiting

REI Expert Advice webpage labelled with digital design system token names

REI Styles & Patterns   Elevating the visual and interaction design of online learning


Rumie Microlearning   Crafting accessible learning experiences for all

Seattle Weekly redesigned site mocked up on a tablet device

Seattle Weekly  Improving reader experience through simplified site nav and architecture

REI learning library example webpage

Co-op Learning Library   Supporting learners as they progress in their outdoor skills

red Siville logo on navy background

Sibville  Helping a budding construction business build a brand and visual suite

cover of iota magazine

iota  Curated storytelling that celebrates the art and science of the unseen

Alison Titus Jewelry business card on tabletop next to jewelry product

Alison Titus Jewelry  Crafting an elegant, organic, and striking brand for a jeweler


Paige Barnes, Performer   Coming soon!

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