Alison Titus Jewelry is a one woman operation based in Seattle, WA. She specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces, crafted from precious metals and raw, untreated gemstones. 

The new branding suite, which draws inspiration from the raw materials with which she works, is elegant, organic, and striking.

my role — branding, illustration, typography, packaging
my tools — Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

alison titus jewelry business card and jewelry tags surrounded by jewelry and gemstones

brand discovery

As an artist, it was easiest for Alison Titus Jewelry to express her vision for the brand through imagery. We began with visual research, and developed an early inspiration board composed of subtle textures and geometric shapes.

Through the meetings and discussions that followed, we ultimately landed on 3 core brand characteristics; elegantorganic, and striking. These characteristics became the cornerstone for the brand expression.

alison titus jewelry inspiration board

logo development

Drawing from the trio of brand characteristics, I took to developing the logomark. Early marks were inspired by the constellations and geometric forms that were featured on the brand inspiration board. Eventually those marks evolved to play on the artist's initials, the letters A and T.

Then, looking to her raw gemstones for inspiration, I incorporated a handpainted watercolor texture to convey the organic and raw qualities of her work.

logo suite

Following final adjustments and refinements, Alison Titus Jewelry selected a logo suite that holds true to her brand characteristics. The mark itself is delicate and sleek, with a type treatment and center alignment that feels classic and elegant. The textured edges of the watercolor speak to the organic quality of the raw stones with which she works.

The combination of these two elements — the stark geometry, juxtaposed with the textured, eye-catching watercolors — results in a logo that is subtle, yet striking.

alison titus jewelry wordmark logo with watercolor texture
alison titus jewelry logomark
alison titus jewelry full logomark
alison titus jewelry logomark with watercolor triangle element
alison titus jewelry branding guidelines for imagery, texture, and color
alison titus jewelry serif typography branding guidelines
alison titus jewelry sans serif typography branding guidelines


In building out the physical brand assets, I wanted to develop a series of delightful touchpoints that aligned with the etsy seller’s brand and budget. Business cards were developed for Alison Titus Jewelry, along with a collection of small tags that are used for product placement. Packaging solutions were selected for simplicity and cost, and are embellished with stickers, tissue paper, and string. The packaging solutions are simple, attractive, and affordable.

alison titus jewelry business card front
alison titus jewelry business card front
alison titus jewelry branded packaging

brand expansion

Alison Titus Jewelry is an ever growing business. As of late, Alison Titus Jewelry has started to release cuff links and other men’s products. This has sparked a new conversation of how the logomark might adapt to suit an expanded audience and product line. We have discussed plans to adapt the color palette of both the watercolor texture and the packaging for this new line of products. Stay tuned!

alison titus jewelry branded packaging with cufflinks